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Pump Tech Inc. has been serving the water and wastewater industry in British Columbia since 1991as a representative of industry leading manufacturers. We provide technical sales support for engineers, distributors, contractors, and end users throughout the province. Our focus is pumps, controls, water filtration, water conditioning, septic and wastewater tanks but we have extensive knowledge of all areas of the water and wastewater industry. We provide our customers with training, technical support, troubleshooting, pump system sizing, product selection and information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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Don MacRae

Cell: 604-219-4646

Kevin Corstorphine

Cell: 778-772-3186


Who we are


Don MacRae

Don brings over 20 years of experience in pumps and controls and has been owner of Pump Tech since 1994. He combines technical skills from a BSc and an MEd with interpersonal skills gained from 13 years as a high school teacher prior to starting in the private sector. He is well respected and active in the industry and has written and taught many courses and seminars throughout BC.



Kevin Corstorphine

Kevin joined Pump Tech in 2015 after a career mainly in retail and customer service management. He has a BA in English and Communication from Simon Fraser University and has quickly gained an excellent knowledge and understanding of the pump world.